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Muslimah 2008 Since 2004, the agitation began in three provinces of southern Thailand i.e. Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat. It seems to me that the majority of Thai-Buddhist are not be able to understand the current situation. However, no one has known the real causes of the agitation. The worst part is that the rest of Thai people started to wonder whether some Thai-Muslim people in the three provinces are terrorists. This insurgency has been ongoing between Thai state and Pattani-Malayu. Many people have been killed from the insurgency. When women protested in front of mosque for demanding the righteousness for their husbands who injured or died from the insurgency, people were looked down on them. I am presenting pictures of Muslim women (Muslimah) in Pattani which surrounded by propaganda and media of Thai government. The majority of Thai people have never had a chance to see these pictures and most of them don’t know about faith and way of life of the Muslim. I would like to emphasize an important of Hijab as a symbolic in my artwork that is identity of Muslimah. I urge public to respect and accept cultural diversity for those Muslimah so that they are no longer perceived as unusual and frightening.

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